I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been busy working on opening a clothing store! I just opened Toile: Custom Atelier in Philadelphia on Frankford Avenue. It is a shop that features all local designers with handmade products. Currently we have womenswear, ((including readywear, couture, and gowns for custom order)), Jewelry, Handbags, Accessories, and some select vintage pieces. 

I really wanted to give all these amazing local designers a place where they can showcase their work. The garments in the store are made with the highest level of craft and expertise. With hand dyed fabrics, bias cut maxi dresses for the perfect flowing fit, and made to order leather handbags each piece is uniquely made and tailored to fit each customers needs. 

Since the designers are located in and around the Philadelphia area, we offer everything with customization. Nothing is mass produced so we are able to add length to garments, or sleeves, or maybe change the color and fabrication. 

Please come visit us! Located at 1333 Frankford Ave. We will be participating in Small Business Saturday with special deals and promotions! 

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Love the beaded shoulder. 

Very whimsical and romantic ; ) 

Love the beaded shoulder. 

Very whimsical and romantic ; ) 

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Central Saint Martins: Innovative Pattern Cutting: Corset Drape: 

Using Shoben Designer Tape to do the stylelines on the form, and then working with Violine to get the drape. 

Don’t forget to Mark your notches! : ) 

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I learned an amazing technique to draft made to measure pants. This was the very first toile. If you are familiar with making pants you know they are notoriously the hardest to draft. So this technique gives you an almost perfect fit from the start. Pretty amazing! (at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design)

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Versace Art Deco 

Versace Art Deco 

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#inspirationboard :)

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Backstage Samuel Cisnansck  Spring-Summer 2014

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